The Bow Tie is Back!

Some classics never go out of style. The bow tie is definitely a classic, as it is always sophisticated to wear one with a tuxedo. But as with many classics, they have some years better than others!

This year, the bow tie is back! It is mainstream, trendy and hip thanks to our friend, Agent 007, James Bond. With his latest movie, Casino Royale, debuting this past November, he brought back the popularity of the bow tie just in time for all the award shows.

At the recent Oscars, the red carpet was flooded with stars wearing, you guessed it, the bow tie! Everyone from Eddie Murphy and Ryan Gosling to Clint Eastwood was sporting one. Even those who typically are more contemporary, like Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith, went old school with the bow tie. While his lovely wife Kelly Preston chose a more contemporary animal print gown, John Travolta strutted his stuff in a classic tuxedo with a bow tie along the red carpet.

Of course, as the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, stepped out onto the red carpet at the Oscars, he was ready for action and in true character. He was wearing the signature Bond uniform -- a classic tuxedo with a bow tie.

Forest Whitaker was honored at the Oscars as "Actor in a Leading Role" for his part in The Last King of Scotland. As he accepted his award, he sported a tux with a bow tie. I think that Forest Whitaker would even agree that the BIG winner in fashion that evening, hands-down, was the bow tie!

Whether you are attending a movie premiere, black tie gala, prom, quinceanera or wedding, the bow tie is an excellent choice. It's suave and debonair, and just like 007 himself, the bow tie is back!