Being an Al's Prom Rep is Easy

  • Give Al's Formal Wear discount cards to your friends and classmates for huge discounts on their tuxedos.
  • When 5 of your friends use your code to rent their tuxedos, yours is FREE!
  • They'll SAVE BIG on their tuxedo and you get yours FREE!


  • Opportunity to earn a FREE TUXEDO!
  • Save your friends money on their tuxedo rental!


  • Distribute cards to classmates at school
  • Post your discount card and code on your Facebook and Instagram
  • Keep the store manager informed of your progress

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Terms and Conditions

I understand that as a Prom Representative of Al's Formal Wear that I am required to hand out discount cards to my fellow students and post individual discount card images to my personal Facebook and Instagram. In order to receive a free rental for myself, at least five (5) of my discount cards must be redeemed. I also understand that the discount card will not be valid without my registration number.