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"I am getting married on August 18, 2006 and I had received some mail from Al’s Formal Wear. My fiancé and I decided to rent a tuxedo for him from Al's Formal Wear at 7029 S. Memorial Dr. Tulsa, OK. I registered us online and within a day Jessica Dankworth called us to schedule a time to come in and view the tuxedos. We went in one evening and Jessica Dankworth, a manager in training assisted us. She was so very helpful. She took the time to help Jeremy, my fiancé, to pick something that suited his personality. She was very polite in letting him know if something he picked out would not look as well as something else. She helped us to make the best decision of which tuxedo to rent for Jeremy. We decided to purchase a pair of shoes, a cane, and a hat for him. Jessica spoke to my future mother in law on the phone since she was going to come in later that week and pay the deposit. A few days later Kacy went to 7029 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK to pay the deposit. Kacy does not get off work until 5:30PM so she was not able to make it to the store before they closed. She did not remember that Al's closes at 6:00PM on the day. So I called the store located at 4020 S. Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK, they told me they closed at 6:00PM. So I called my future mother in law and she told me that she was already all the way to the store at 71st street and she was upset because there was a misunderstanding about when the store closed that day. So I called the store on Yale back and asked for Jessica, hoping that she would be there by some chance, and that the phone would be answered even though they were closed at the time. I explained to Jessica about our situation and that this was the only day and time that Kacy could come to the store. Jessica told me to have Kacy sit tight and she would drive over there and take the money for the deposit. She was very polite and helpful. Jessica was a lifesaver for me. Being the bride I have enough on my mind and she understood how helpful she was being by going out of her way to come and assist us. It was our fault that we had the closing time wrong. But Jessica was eager to come help us. I just wanted to write this letter and let you know that you have an exceptional employee at Al's Formal Wear in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I appreciate all that Al's has done for us. They have truly made it easier on me during this busy time. I will recommend Al's Formal Wear to everyone I know because of the wonderful customer service we received from Jessica Dankworth. Thanks Again!!

Sarah Sandridge

"I would like to thank you for the exceptional customer service you have provided my daughter and I each time we have been in Al's Formal Wear, Arlington Store 704. My daughter is busy planning her wedding. Each time we have visited your store with questions and concerns you and your staff have been more than accomodating.

"Last Friday evening, August 3, you assisted us personally with invitation and save-the-date cards. You truly went above and beyond to provide the most friendly and professional customer service that I have ever received from a retailer. When we first arrived you and your staff were very busy handling orders for that weekend's weddings yet you greeted us and helped us. At closing time my daughter was still not certain as to which product she was going to purchase. You were extremely helpful in assisting her throughout this process. You kindly answered all her questions and even worked with us for two hours after the store closed. It did, however, result in an invitation and save-the-date order, and for that I thank you. I thank you because you helped eliminate some of my daughter pre-wedding stress. I also thank you because you definitely went above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service.

"I will always recommend you and Al's Formal Wear, Store 704 for wedding needs and superior customer service.

"Thank you for your professionalism!"

Nancy Herren

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your managers, by the name of Jeff Smith. I am not one to usually take the time to express such great appreciation for some one’s exceptional customer service, but the customer service I received from Mr. Smith was above and beyond the call of duty. He went out of his way to make sure that I was a satisfied client, when he really did not have too. I believe that any other manager would have fell short in handling the tuxedo services for my wedding.

"Mr. Smith by far exhibits the kind of customer service and professionalism that is lacking in all too many business’s these days. He represents himself & Al’s Formalwear with the kind of professionalism that every employer should model their employees after. Mr. Smith is a great asset to your company and should be recognized for his customer service, professionalism, people skills, and his eagerness to go that extra mile for the every day customer. For that reason, I will not only continue to do with Mr. Smith and Al’s Formalwear, I will also recommend friends and family to his location and your company."

Melissa Jennings

"Just wanted to let you know that I was at your outlet store on 290 yesterday, and I received awesome service by Ms. Amy Pless. I have been at that location in the past, and with 4-5 black tie affairs to attend each year, I have also called with several questions, and each and everytime, Ms. Pless has given me superb customer service. She has made suggestions, and offered advice, and I just wanted you to know, that her customer service is exceptional. Thank You."

Sky Balboa

"I have rented tuxedos from you for many years and have gotten great service so I keep coming back. I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely happy this past time. Tamara and Victoria from the Denton location bent over backwards to give me the best tux for my wedding so if you give out any awards or anything for great customer service I strongly recomend these two great ladies."

Michael Steele

"I would like to thank David Summons and Aaron Walker for their excellent customer service. I am getting married on April 7th and I needed 4 tuxedos at the last minute and the store was very busy and they were excellent in helping everyone in the store. I was very impressed with their excellent training in taking care of the each customer in an effective way. I am going to recommend Al's Formal Wear on Gannon Lane to all my family and friends. These two young men are a great asset to your company.

"Thank you for helping me out Al's Formal Wear."

Felecia Allen

"I just wanted to take a moment to commend you on one of your employees at the Baytown store, Randi Antonson. My three sons and I were at Al's last night selecting tuxedos for their upcoming senior prom. The store was PACKED...people literally lined out the door. We had to wait for over 45 mins before our turn because Randi was working apparently alone. I assumed that by the time our turn would come we would be rushed, or that our many questions would irritate this young lady and make an already stressful situation more stressful.

"I was delighted to be wrong! Randi was patient, most helpful, and pleasant with a wonderful attitude. We did not feel rushed in any way. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and feel Randi should be commended for how well she handled herself in this situation. This is one the main reasons my family and I will continue to use Al's for our tuxedo needs."

Jerri Munson

"I am certain that you are accustomed to receiving letters of complaint. However, I would like to take the time to compliment one of your store managers."

"My son recently rented a tux from you Store 733 in Tulsa, Ok for his junior prom. He was informed that he could pick up his tux on Friday after 3pm. Unfortunately, it is 'prom season' and everyone else apparently showed up at the same time. While I love my teenaged son, he can be difficult to appreciate at times. A crowd of 55-60 teens in a small tux store with 25-30 more outside is nearly impossible to endure.

"Your manager, Kris Taylor, took control of the crowd. She set up clipboards for those ordering and those picking up. She made a tremendous effort to safely and effectively get everyone in the store and those that had spilled over to the outside of the store served as quickly and professionally as possible.

"She offered coupons for free food at the mall to anyone that wanted to leave and come back later that evening. She constantly reminded everyone that it was a fire hazard to block the doorway. She offered a bottled water and Jolly Rancher’s to the masses! She periodically went outside to make certain that noone was overlooked or passed up.

"Another employee from Houston quieted the crowd by explaining that she had missed Grey's Anatomy the night before due to her flight. She then offered an iPod shuffle to any male customer picking up a tux that could tell her the plotline from the previous night's episode. After she made good on her promise, the group calmed down considerably since they didn't want to miss any future chances to win an iPod!

"My son got a great fitting, handsome tuxedo for a good value. He was very proud of his appearance and had a great time.

"But just as importantly, you should know that you have a great group of dedicated professionals working in your Tulsa store. They turned a late truck and a crowd of anxious rowdy teens into a positive experience for everyone.

"Please commend your entire crew at Store 733!"

Chad Streater

"I recently went to purchase a tuxedo at the local 'warehouse' and left completely disappointed with the service and selection. The personnel had no adivce to offer about fit or selection. I had to ask about everything and even then the answers were hard to come by. I left thinking I would rent one from Al's. I was greeted by Sherri Hayes and she took care of everything. I purchased a tuxedo because she offered suggestions and advice that were very helpful. Sherri made the whole experience enjoyable and stress free. Sherri is very sharp and knows how to treat a customer. I can assure you she is a valuable employee to your organization and every effort should be made to retain her services."

Craig Shaw

"We rented tuxedos from your Rockwall Store for my son's wedding. Just wanted to drop a note that the service from CG and Sandra was excellent and the fits for our 3 tuxes was excellent. I will recommend Al's and this store for future tuxedo rentals."

Randy Milner

"Just a short note to let you know how impressed I am with the services I receive from both LaCarla and Judy at your Highway 6 location. I can't count how many times we've rented tuxes, always in a rush (my 17 year old son!) and have been treated with the utmost care. These ladies are the reason we stay with Al's and I think you very much!"

Donna Maltz

"We want to thank LaTanya Johnson and all of the staff at the Meyerland Plaza Store in Houston (store#721). They gave us superior service, were friendly, and helpful from the invitations to the Tux rental. The groom said that the tux fit perfectly and received many compliments! We will recommend Al's Formal Wear for all future special events."

Susan Cochran

"I'd like to take a moment to commend your staff operating at Highland Mall, in Austin, TX. The manager, Javier, was very helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant, as was his attractive assistant, Josie. We were quite pleased with the service provided. Thank you so much!"

Laurence Iverson

"I attended a wedding in Shreveport, LA last weekend (10 Feb 2007). When I arrived in Shreveport on Friday the 9th, I went to Al's #789 and tried on my suit. Unfortunately, the pants and the shirt were not the right size. They had to order both from the warehouse.

"UPS guaranteed delivery by 10:30am, which would be cutting it close due to the fact that the wedding was at 1:00 pm with pictures starting at Noon.

"UPS was very late and my delivery did not arrive until 12:15pm.

"Your District Manager, Jonathon P. Dunn, was in the store and had been working the phones to make sure UPS would get there in time for me to make the wedding.

"I was the best man and the groom ended up having to leave me at your store while he went on to the church.

"Jonathon promised me that he would make sure I made it to the wedding.

"Upon the arrival of my pants and shirt, Meredith and the other store employee worked like busy bees to get my pants hemmed and get me out the door.

"Then, with 20 minutes to spare, one of your employees drove me to the church. I walked into the groom's parlor with 4 minutes to spare.

"I want to express my gratitude to your employees for going out of their way to make sure I was not missing from the wedding."

David Morefield

"For the 3rd time in as many years I have recently rented a tux at the Post Oak store in Houston. Each time I have been served by the Manager, Arthur, and I wished to commend him for his superb service, friendly manner and professionalism. He always remembers my name and treats me like an important frequent customer. I do think his management style and customer service are absolutely first class."

Russel Gibaut

"I am writing to commend you on Bill Clift who is the Store Manager of your location on Research Blvd. in Austin.

"Last Saturday, January 27th, my daughter was being married in Austin. Rather than driving to Austin to get my tux measured, I drove to Houston and told them I would pick up my tux in Austin. I had intended to pick it up early on January 26 but I became involved running other errands and last minute details for my wife and I totally forgot to pick up my tux until I was on my way to rehearsal. When I came in they asked if I wanted to try it on but since I barely had time to get to rehearsal, I declined – saying I would use pins if necessary. On Saturday morning when I finally tried the coat on – it was too large. Even though I was certain nothing could be done – I stopped by your store just to see if there might be a tip he could give as to how to pin it to look smaller. To my shock & amazement Bill looked at me and said that after looking at me the day before – he felt the coat would be too large so he ordered a smaller one and it would be there later that morning. I would have given him a big hug if it would not have embarrassed him. Sure enough – it fit perfectly and even though I will never look small in the wedding pictures, I will look smaller than I would have.

"That was professionalism and service at its highest. If anyone ever says that one rental place is just like another – I will instantly correct them. While all my children are now married – should I ever need to rent a tux in the future, I will go to one of your stores."

Ed Denman

"I recently rented a tuxedo from your store in Southlake, Texas. I wanted to let you know what a terrific job Ted did during that whole experience. I don't rent a tuxedo very often and he really knew what he was doing and helped me get the exact right sizes for everything. The tuxedo was ready when I went in to pick it up and the fit was perfect, he had a great personality and remembered what event I was going to and we even talked about that for while. He really did an overall nice job and even called me by name when I came in to return the tuxedo. I wanted to let someone know you've got a good guy out in Southlake, and wanted to thank him for his wonderful customer service."

Dutch Baughman

"I am sure that you hear the bad more than the good. Well, I want to give you my opinion of Carol Sertuche, the manager in Victoria. She is good. I would certainly enjoy shopping a whole lot more if I got help for more people like her. I don't know what you pay her but it probably is not enough."

Aaron Starks

"My name is Lucas Mathews and I am a student at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I visited a Men's Wearhouse store yesterday to buy a tuxedo for my fraternity's spring formal and future use, however I left without purchasing anything. The service was absolutely horrible. I stayed in the store for less than 20 minutes because of how unsatisfied I was with the service, and instead bought my tuxedo at your Hulen street location, spending over $400. The reason I am writing is to praise your excellent service. The man who helped me was named Dale, and after my horrible experience at Men's Wearhouse and excellent experience at your store, I felt compelled to write both companies about my experience. All in all, I just want to say THANK YOU for hiring such great employees. In the future, I will definitely discourage my fraternity brothers (over 125), friends and family from Men's Wearhouse, and I will INSIST that they visit Al's! Thanks so much!"

Lucas Mathews

"I recently got married, and all of the tuxedos were ordered through Al's Formal Wear. Your associate, David Gutierrez helped us. I just wanted you to know that he is an excellent employee and was outstanding in representing your business. After my mother had problems with another sales associate at a different store, I called Mr. Gutierrez and he took control of the situation. He had the order transferred and made sure that everything was perfect. Although I called several times to either ask about the order or change something on the order, he never made me feel as though I was bothering or annoying him. He made my fiance and I feel as though if we needed anything, he would be more than happy to help us. Our families and our bridal party also took notice of his exemplary character. We wanted you to know how great of an employee Mr. Gutierrez is. It may be overlooked sometimes, but he served an important role in our wedding-making sure that the groom, the dad's and the rest of the bridal party looked and felt good! We appreciate all his help!!!!"

Crystal Guzman

"I am a recent customer of store 723 in El Paso, Texas and would like to tell you about my experience there. I was impressed with the level of customer service I received. It seems as though many companies/stores have forgotten this concept, so I did not want to let me good experience go unnoticed by the leaders of your company and those who are in charge of this particular store.

"Delia, the store manager, was the one who helped me initially when I visited to rent tuxes for my wedding. She was so helpful in picking the style and color options. I was unsure of what I wanted and what it would look like and she went to the trouble of changing the mannequin to the different setups that I was considering. I was very pleased with the way I was treated and will recommend your business as a result."

Alex Boushka

"I wanted to commend Al's Formal Wear for having great people representing them. Hector at the Oaklawn facility, in Dallas, TX, was patient, and thoroughly explained all options to me and my family members. Also the fact that they were willing to get the order/changes corrected and were in contact with another representative at the Denton, TX office who also assisted us with great patience and customer service. I will recommend both offices to my friends and family for any future events and Al's Formal Wear in general."

Joe Martinez

"I sent a complaint in February about a tux I purchased that literally fell apart the first time I wore it, but that's not what I'm writing about tonight. I want to compliment your store manager Lani Moriel -- she went out of her way to correct the problem and I'm very pleased with the result. It is not very often that you get that kind of service in a retail store anymore. She deserves an atta-girl. Good Job!"

John Lancaster

"I want to take a monent to inform you of the fantastic customer service I received by your store manager, LaTonya Johnson.

"Over the course of many weeks both in person and by telephone, I spent a lot of time researching tuxedo styles and their prices at several of your locations. It was a task I dreaded because I always received either poor customer service or none at all. I even went to your competition hoping to find someone who would appreciate my business.

"I realized I had to make a decision and soon. One morning I found myself near your Meyerland location. Reluctantly I gave up hoping to find any who would really want to help me and just went in anyway. No sooner had I stepped into the store than LaTonya Johnson greeted me with a smile and an offer to help. And help she did!

"Not only was she knowledgeable, she spoke clearly and made eye contact and always with a smile. There was no doubt she was here to help. When I was ready to leave, she gave me her business card and asked for my business. I told her I would definitely be back to see her and no one else. Because of LaTonya, I was now a committed customer of Al's Formal Wear.

"One month later I returned to place my order. When I walked in, LaTonya greeted me with a smile and said 'Oh, you're back.' I couldn't believe it! She remembered me after only that one very brief visit.

"You should know traveling to Meyerland was not convenient for me as I live in Jersey Village and work near Town and Country; however, LaTonya's award-winning customer service had won me over. I only wish I could have placed a larger order with her."

Jeanne Broadus

"I know most of the time someone has something to say it is because of bad service and you never really hear about the good, but I like to do otherwise when appropriate. I was recently in a wedding and had to rent a tux from y'all as one of the best men. Well I forgot to pick it up on time and when I called at that Saturday night the store had been closed for an hour but for some reason I got very lucky and one of your employees answered the phone anyway. After I was told the store was closed, I told Liz McDaniel my situation and she went above and beyond 110% to make sure I was taken care of. She waited up there an extra 20 minutes for me to arrive and took care of me as if I was a guest in her house with no kind of additional frustration and did not at all make it seem like I was an inconvenience for her. That is AWESOME! I wish I had someone like that working for me. Please give her an extra pat on the back for her commitment to your product and to your people! Please forward this letter as far up the corporate ladder as far as you would like because it is always good for the big man (or woman) to see the small things people are doing to help the company continue to do well."

Kris Roberts

"I wanted to commend an employee of yours who was incredibly helpful to my fiancé and I this evening. We stopped at your store at 17700 N. Hwy 281 in San Antonio to get help on selecting a vest, tie, etc for our wedding. We had already put in and reserved tuxes at your store across from North Star Mall, but we needed to finalize some selections which were still pretty loose. We were on the north side of San Antonio and found that the only store we could get to before 6pm was the 281 store. It was great fortune for us! The Assistant Manager, Rene R. Santos, not only let us in at 5:55, but worked with us on our selections despite the fact that we had already placed the order with the North Star Mall location (whose service was not very good on the day that we placed our order...). We were very impressed with his knowledge, sense of fashion and as importantly, his interest in making us happy. I happen to run a company in San Antonio that employs approx. 1300 employees across the US and Europe, and I was very impressed with his focus on the customer. I hope you will pass on these comments to others, so that he can be recognized for his hard work and effort."

Dale W. Tremblay

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