How To Be A Gentlemanly Prom Date

Prom is an important event in any teenager’s life, especially for teenage girls. Oftentimes, it’s the first time someone goes on a formal date. While every high school differs, some only get one prom, so the pressure for everything to be perfect is understandable. Here are some tips to ensure you’re a good prom date:

Be Respectful

Whether you are asking your date to attend prom with you, or it’s prom night, always make sure you are respectful. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution. Make sure you ask your date early. Always introduce yourself to your date’s parents and family, and be on time.

Get Organized

Make sure you and your friends are organized and have everything in order before the day of your prom. If you are going to all gather at one person’s house to take photos, or take a limo to prom, that all needs to be arranged early. Also, ask your date what color her dress is so you can match accordingly.

Have Fun

Nobody wants the date who can’t enjoy the process. Before the big day, have fun getting fitted for your tuxedo and picking out a corsage for your date. Smile for photos, dance to the music, and enjoy time with both your date and your friends.
We hope your prom is a night to remember!

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